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Metrication Basics E-course

I show you how to upgrade fully
to the metric system
quickly, cheaply, and easily.
Pat Naughtin
Metrication Basics is a weekly email course that covers basic knowledge of the modern metric system. It is sent to you each week for 10 weeks.

Each week you will be given a task, that takes exactly 10 steps, and each step is quite short, so it won't take you long to do.

Metrication Basics is especially written to help individuals make a smooth, and rapid, transition to metric measures, and to set them on the path to becoming a Metrication leader.

There is no charge for this email course.

Metrication matters is written by Pat Naughtin, an internationally recognised expert on the modern metric system, and particularly on the metrication process.

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As a thank-you for signing up, we will also send you our Special Report: 10 ways to promote metrication.

10 ways to promote metrication is usually a two page guide (A3 folded) to help you begin your metrication development by yourself at work, at school, at college, or at home (Normally we charge $10 for this to cover packing and postage costs).

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Pat Naughtin
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